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Captcha Breaker Captcha Solver Software. Fully automate all your web promotion campaigns with this software application that solves captchas automatically.Captcha Breaker is an automated software to solve captchas. If you want to fully automate all your web promotion campaigns you need Captcha Breaker. It works perfectly together with Search Engine Ranker. This revolutionary breakthrough software effortlessly analyses and solves captchas for you. No need to type in captchas manually or pay captcha services to solve them ever again. Supports more than 600 pre-configured captcha types to solve. One-time purchase with no subscription and FREE life-time updates. Be smart and download Captcha Breaker today! Try it free for 5 days with full functionality.
Buy Captcha Breaker Captcha Solver SoftwareOr buy it today and use it for life! No monthly subscriptions! Life time license. Only USD $147

Captcha Breaker free software download

Captcha Breaker
Solve captchas automatically on all your web promotion campaigns!
  • Captcha Breaker is the fastest and most accurate captcha solver program.
  • It works perfectly together with Search Engine Ranker or with any other web submitter software that supports either decaptcher, death-by-captcha or any other popular captcha service.
  • Captcha Breaker software faithfully simulates these captcha solver services, but with no monthly or any other fees! No need to worry about paying captcha services to solve your captchas ever again.
  • The program is very easy to use. Just start Captcha Breaker and on your web submitter program select either decaptcher, death-by-captcha or any of the other supported captcha services as your captcha solver. That's it, you are now ready to start your submissions and solve captchas on autopilot!
  • Captcha Breaker's captcha solvers algorithms are so advanced that depending on the level of difficulty of the captchas you routenily need to solve, it is likely that the software will automatically solve all your captchas on the spot.
  • The program employs multiple OCR techniques plus its own self-made algorithms to solve captchas in a way that most popular captcha types have a 100% success rate.
  • But the software does not stop there. It still gives you the option to send any unsolved captchas to an alternate captcha solver service of your choosing for a fully satisfying captcha solving experience.
  • As you know, some captchas are hard to read and solve even by humans! Please be patient if you see an inaccurate result. Captcha Breaker is actually the most accurate captcha solver solution you can own.
  • Captcha Breaker also allows you to easily add your own captcha solving algorithms in just 3 clicks. You can create new captcha types by just double-clicking on any incoming captcha in the log. The captcha SDK editor will open and will let you run a "brute force" to find the best way to solve that particular captcha and freely modify any of the new captcha type parameters.
  • Users are able to share or import new captcha types online with other users of Captcha Breaker.
  • Captcha Breaker supports more than 600 pre-configured captcha types with more types added daily.
  • This revolutionary software not only saves you a lot of money by cutting down on your old captcha service cost but it is also much faster and saves bandwidth as captchas no longer need to be sent over the web to captcha services to be solved.  
  • Run Captcha Breaker and never worry about typing in captchas manually or paying captcha services ever again.
  • Captcha Breaker is licensed for a single PC. However you are free to install the same license on another computer as long as the program is not running simultaneously.
Software Info:
  • License Free software. Try it free for 5 days with full functionality.
  • Free and frequent automatic software updates for life.
  • Life time license. No monthly subscriptions! Buy it once and use it for life!
  • Install on any Windows system.
Free Download                        Only USD $147
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Installation instructions

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Please follow these steps and have Captcha Breaker on your desktop in no time:

  1. Click on the download button above and when asked by your browser select to save the installation file in any folder of your choosing.
    Myrasoft Software Download. When asked by your browser select to save the file in any folder.
  2. The Captcha Breaker .exe installation file will be downloaded to your PC.
  3. Open Windows Explorer, go to the folder where you saved the installation file and double-click on the .exe file.
  4. Captcha Breaker installation will start. Follow the installation steps and in no time you will have this excellent software ready to use. Enjoy!

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